9:00 a.m.    Exhibits Open, Registration and Coffee
10:15 a.m.    Welcome
10:20 a.m.    Forget Thinking "Fast and Slow." Think Differently!
   Jacques Lefebvre - Dairy Processors of Canada
10:50 a.m.    Not our Grandparents' Genetic Selection Tools
   Lynsay Beavers - Canadian Dairy Network
11:30 a.m.    Social License, Public Trust and Transparency - Connecting the Dots to your Farm
   Crystal Mackay - Farm & Food Care
12:00 p.m.    Hot Lunch (featuring "Food from our Farm"
  1:20 p.m.    Producer Panel: Achieving a Successful Bottom Line
   Kyle Averhoff - Royal Farms, Kansas, U.S.A.
   Philip & Peter Armstrong - Armstrong Manor, Ontario
   Tom Hoogendoorn - Valedoorn Farm, British Columbia
  2:20 p.m.    The Health and Safety Act: Don't Risk Non-Compliance
   Jay Remsik - Workplace Safety Protection Services
  2:35 p.m.    Operating Today's Canadian Dairy Business in a Global Market
   Devin Brennan - Oresco Company
  3:15 p.m.    "Speak Your Mind!"
   Open microphone session
with DFO Chair Ralph Dietrich
sponsored by
  3:30 p.m.    Adjournment
  4:00 p.m.    Exibits close

  An Interactive Event Planned By Producers ... For Producers!


As is our custom, producers will participate in the meeting using our audience response system throughout the day, so be prepared to express your views on the issues.

Forget Thinking "Fast and Slow." Think differently!
Jacques Lefebvre - President & CEO, Dairy Processors Association
Jacques Lefebvre will provide a processor's view on the impact of the ingredient strategy to the major and small processors in Canada and how it influences all levels of the dairy industry.


Not our Grandparents' Genetic Selection Tools
Lynsay Beavers - Industry Liaison, Canadian Dairy Network
Hoof health, metabolic disease resistance and feed efficiency; there's genomics for that! Lynsay Beavers will highlight the new and upcoming traits available to dairy farmers across the country. Keep ahead of the curve and better utilize genomics in your herd today.


Social License, Public Trust, and Transparency: Connecting the Dots to your Farm
Crystal Mackay - CEO, Farm & Food Care
With an increasing disconnect between the farm gate and dinner plate, Crystal Mackay discusses her vision for building trust in food and farming. She will share highlights from the 2016 Canadian Centre for Food Integrity public trust in food research.


Producer Panel: Focus on Profitability

Kyle Averhoff
Royal Farms, LLC. Kansas, U.S.A
Nestled in the Garden City, Kansas, Kyle serves as the General Manager and Managing Partner of Royal Farms. Along with his management team and approximately 85 employees, they milk 9,000 cows and raise 9,500 replacement heifers. Their main focus is to take care of cows and people, control costs and operate with a high level of integrity and transparency.

Philip and Pete Armstrong
Armstrong Manor, Ontario
The Armstrong family will discuss the growth of their dairy from 185 cows in a 50 cow tie-stall in 2001, and today milking 300 cows in their double twelve parallel milking parlour. By expanding their herd and continually improving their infrastructure, the Armstrongs have been able to improve management and milk production.

Tom Hoogendoorn
Valedoorn Farm, British Columbia
Starting with 50 cows in 1979, the farm has steadily grown to the present 340 cow dairy it is today. Tom and brother, John are partners and hope to have their sons take over in the future. Working hard and being profitable has always been important to the family and operation.


The Health and Safety Act: Don't Risk Non-Compliance
Jay Remsik - Workplace Safety and Prevention Services
Jay Remsik will discuss the importance of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and how it applies to your operation. Take the steps provided to prevent workplace accidents on your farm to ensure that everyone makes it home safely.



Operating Today's Dairy Business in a Global Market
Devin Brennan - Ocresco Company
Devin Brennan will outline the metrics and strategies you can employ to seize opportunities that lie in tighter profit margins. Our dairy industry is becoming a global market. Help our industry be competitive.



Our closing session will feature an "open mike" where any topic can be raised for discussion. Questions from the floor are always welcome, but if you want us to ensure "the person with the answer" is there, post your question a few weeks before the meeting. Click on Discussion Questions on the homepage, DFO representation is a given but if you would like to discuss issues with other agencies or boards, we can invite them to the podium. This session is sponsored by Gay Lea Foods.



Registration begins at 9:00 a.m.

Registration fee is $20.00 which includes admission to the speaking program and hot lunch featuring “Food from our Farms” and a written copy of the day's proceedings.

Receipts available at the door.

Registration, exhibits and lunch will be separated from the speaker program by a sound proof barrier so that the exhibits can stay open throughout the day.

The hot lunch provided by Janice's Fine Country Catering promises to be appetizing and educational featuring "Food From Our Farms." New and innovative Canadian Dairy Productions will be provided by both local and large dairy processors.


The South Western Ontario Dairy Symposium is organized by Dairy Farmers of Ontario through its Dairy Producer Committees in Essex-Kent, Lambton, Middlesex, Elgin, Huron, Perth, Oxford, Waterloo, Wellington, Brant, Norfolk, Wentworth, Haldimand and Niagara, in cooperation with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food.


Over 130 agri-business firms participate as exhibitors. If you have any questions about products or management concerns, plan to include time before and after the program to visit with these companies. Their financial support is gratefully acknowledged.


The "Food from our Farms" initiative will once again feature lots of new and novel dairy products, and of course, we will continue to provide a forum for discussion of industry issues using our very popular audience response system. You will be able to submit your questions or comments for that part of the program later in the year by clicking on the "discuss" tab.

Last update on December 28, 2016.